The winners of last season's Challenger League as well as their relegation game versus World Best Gaming, decided to leave OnSlaught eSports.

They are now joining Ronin Esports, an american organization well known in the gaming scene with teams in PUBG, Smash, Halo and initially in Counter-Strike. It will be Ronin's first experience with Rainbow Six

OnSlaught has always been a landmark organization in eSports and even had their own charm in Rainbow Six. They wished their players the best for the future but did not mention if they were looking for a new Rainbow Six roster or if this was the end for this game. 

Just as a reminder, this was the OnSlaught eSports roster and will now be known as Ronin Esports.

Ryan "P3NG1N" Knierim 
Marcus "Talon" Lynn 
Eric "Billboard" Gorski 
Benjamin "Yellow" Trang 
Kevin "Chapstick" Do 
Luke "NineLine" Carroll (Remplaçant) 

Translated by @Cyb3line