We have seen more and more Rainbow Six cups in countries with an important R6 community. It is now the the case for Spain with the Predator Cup occuring in the next few days. 

After a few weeks of open classifiers, 8 teams are now qualified for the "Liga" or the final stage.

Ecorp.R6Efficiency Team ; Golden Hawks ; Phantom Stars ; Rivals ; Vanguard 

And here are the two team that seem to be the favorites:

sO-On (Iluzjonist, KaBBBanas, MightyNeko, Scythe, SupreM, WeskeRR)
Vamoss (Baroz, Dani, Fabian, KS, polo)

The event starts tomorrow at 5:00pm CET and will be broadcasted on Spanish TV (MoviStar+ payperview) or on Twitch.

The teams in the running will battle for a cashprize of €12000 and will be distributed as follow:

1st of the group: €2.500 
2nd of the group: €1. 000 
3/4rd/th of the group: €500 

+ €50  per victory / + €200 € for each qualification bracket after group stage. 

This system is quite interesting since it makes sure by that qualifying you would receive the minimal cashprize of €500. For an online event it is a very nice way to motivate players and to have an interesting competition!

Translated by @Cyb3line