More shuffle within the french Rainbow Six Siege scene. A few days back, Supremacy was left without a roster and when the news came out that their roster was joining Team Vitality they did not mention if they were going to look for a Rainbow Six team or not. It was a short wait, since the organization announced today that they are recruiting the team currently playing for beGenius ESC.

Alive gave a comment about this change of structure:

Even though we are joining Supremacy our goals have not changed, which are give it all to make it to the upcoming Pro League and obtain good results in the upcoming events, in France or International if we are lucky to participate. The career of an eSport player is constantly changing and evolving and this is why, when Supremacy contacted us we chose to join them after negotiations. We do have some pressure, since, once again, our predecessors have impressed the scene and we will do everything we can not to disappoint!

We are been given ways to get better, it is now time for us to take this chance! #SyUnit

For now, the team is in Challenger League and the roster is composed of AnThraX, Alive, Tactiss, KSiiX and DjuZ. They will face i don't know during their first game on Monday. Their last defeat against Mysterious Monkeys (now 1UPeSport) put them only one game away from qualifying for the Pro League, therefore the players still have all the chances to qualify for next season that will span over a few months of competition. Also, the team will be seen at the Gamers Assembly next weekend and will face the top french teams.

This is the roster that will be representing Supremacy in the upcoming months:

Alexandre "AnThraX" Ausesky 
Nathan "Alive" Donday 
Quentin "Tactiss" Rousselle 
Josselyn "KSiiX" Le Guilloux 
Jason "DjuZ" Dray 


Translated by @Cyb3line