beGenius 6Cup

Soon after our announcement about David "sNKy" Khalifa leaving the organization, it is via a statement that beGeniusESC declares the end of this Rainbow Six Siege team.
The players went through a lot lately. Even after a few changes in the lineup, they were still able to finish second at the Paris Game Week 6 Cup.
However, January was even more difficult: on January 12, the organization reported that two players were leaving: Christopher "KRiiSKO" Caccia and Morgan "rxwd" Paçy. Today January 31st, beGeniusESC says goodbye to its last players on the roster: Alexandre "Chinois" Koenig and Vincent "Mas2" Masdebail, marking the end of its Rainbow Six team.
Based on the large investments the organization put in the team, we can only imagine they will have a new line-up soon.

We salute the players for their journey and we wish them the best in their future endeavours.

Translated by @Cybeline