It is a game of musical chairs two big French teams have been playing lately, as Bastien "BiBoo" Dulac's team got picked up by Team Vitality and the organization's formed roster led by Dimitri "Panix" De Longeaux have now joined Mock-it Esports.

It was back in February 2017 that Team Vitality announced they had acquired a Rainbow Six PC line-up. They had just signed three ex-Playing Ducks players as well as two others. The first three were namely Dimitri ''Panix'' De Longeaux, Bryan "Elemzje" Tebessi and Julien "Enemy" Blin, then joined by Jean "RevaN" Prudenti et Valentin "risze" Liradelfo.

The team had about a month to prepare for their first Pro League PC season in Year 2. It did not go perfectly for the French team, as they finished 5th-6th and had to beat Millenium among others to avoid relegation in the playoffs

Following up on their qualification for the next season of Pro League, Vitality White managed to take the Coupe de France home after beating the organization's second line-up, Vitality Black.

Season 2 of Pro League was somewhat similar to the previous one for Vitality, but they finished 7th-8th that time around and fell to myRevenge in the relegation playoffs, which put them down into Challenger League.

Shortly after their relegation, Vitality decided to bench Bryan "Elemzje" Tebessi who was then replaced by Jean-Baptiste "Hansen" Mace. 

The newcomer seemingly brought new hope along with him as the Vitality White line-up reached 3rd in the Summer Challenge, losing to Vitality Black in the semi-finals. That event was a breath of fresh air for a team that had been struggling since the beginning of Year 2.

The regular season of Challenger League then took over, in which Vitality performed well. Their third place in the League granted them a spot to the Pro League relegation playoffs.

The Paris 6CUP LAN took place at the end of the year, at which Vitality proved their worth once again by coming third and losing only to the eventual winners of the event, Millenium.
A positive sign for the French team as they were preparing for the 2018 Six Invitational in February, Ubisoft's Major event.

It was actually just before that event that Dimitri ''Panix'' De Longeaux's team attempts to shake things up by switching out Jean-Baptiste "Hansen" Mace for ex-unKnights player Valentin "Voy" Cheron. Unfortunately, that roster change came too late for Vitality, who came home disappointed from the Six Invitational after going out in the group stage to European team PENTA Sports and German team 1UP Esports.


It is via Twitter that Mock-it Esports announced the signing of the ex-Vitality roster. We hope they will have a good time in their new home and wish them the best of luck!



Mock-it Esports' Rainbow Six Siege team will line up as follows:

Dimitri ''Panix'' De Longeaux 
Julian ''Enemy'' Blin 
David ''Snky'' Khalfa 
Jean ''RevaN'' Prudenti 
Valentin ''Voy'' Cheron 

Translated by @Chevrotte