Today, Achieved makes us the pleasure to answer to some questions about his group phase journey with his team and his first playoff match which takes place tonight.


ESIX: Can you introduce yourself for those that doesn''t get to know you ?

Achieved: I''m Achieved, team captain of Vertical Gaming.  We''ve previously played Soar Gaming known as Team Reckless, we''ve beat them then played Delete squad and we''ve beat them. Right now we''re in the Challenger League and try to prepare for playoffs.


You and your team did a very nice journey up to here. Do you consider yourselves better or is it just your work paying ?

No, I think everyone, especially in the Challenger League are definitely  around the same skill level. It all just comes to the amount of time everyone puts running strats and practising as a full team. That really determines games. It''s not always individual skill but more or less who put in the hard work and the effort to the top.


You playing twice Oregon on two games, and only lost 2 rounds on it. Is it your best map ?

Oregon is definitely a good map for us. There''s also some other maps that we haven''t had chance to pull out though.
But I think our Oregon is pretty good. We all understand things very well, we have some pretty good strats, we know what we''re doing.


How do you prepare the upcoming playoffs ?

Preparing for playoffs is kind of the same as preparing for a full season match. You''re doing the same things when it comes to dry running and strating and stuff. But since going further up in the bracket there are a lot of other teams who put in just as much time as you. They review your VODs, the matches that you previously played They''re looking for any kind of weaknesses as in your offense or your defense. It just comes to adapt to their defense and their offense. Coming up with new strats is also really important.

Do you have a final word to finish this interview with ?


I just want to thank everyone out there for supporting us. Hopefully we can live it to the dream and make it back up there. Huge shoutout to Vertical Gaming too for all the things they done to us, and our fans.
And thanks to you for the great interview.

Catch up with the match here: