Now that the Six Invitational is over, it is time to come back to the regular season and it was a quick turnaround. The Season 1 Year 3 just started around ten days after the Major in Montreal. It all started smoothly with the Challenger League qualifiers.

It took three days of solid fighting to determine the first two team qualified. Indeed, there were more than two hundred teams registered for the first EU qualifiers. All of the teams were determined and fighting for a spot in Challenger League which is a great accomplishment for most of them. Both finalists already know that they will be competiting in Challenger League during the regular season and the final match will only be to determine the seeding. This will happen tonight at 9pm. 
The Polish team Patokalipsa  won the winner's braket. They are already well known for their really good journey during the Six Invitational qualifiers. The loser's bracket winners were the German team  1UP eSport semi-pro, which is, as you may know, the second 1UP eSport team. 
Both team will then join the already qualified teams via last seasons which are the Russian team Room Factory, the German team 1UP eSport (team 1), and the French team beGeniusESC, the Spanish team sO-On and finally the European team Blank.

Just as a reminder, the next three qualifiers will occur every Sunday for the next few weeks. Don't miss it! Some very nice matchups coming up!
Translated by @Cybeline