Pro League LATAM 2nd day summary
#Pro League

The matches between the two winners and two losers of LATAM's group A took place yesterday night. One of these matches already gave us the name of one out of...

Recap of the second day of NA Pro League
#Pro League

  Two games were played on Monday, March 26th, as the third week of North America Pro League began. Evil Geniuses faced Spacestation Gaming and SOON TM (ex-E...

Summary of day 1 EU Pro League
#Pro League

Last night were the first matches for the European Pro League, and for those of you who may have missed it, here is a quick summary of the matchups between ...

LATAM Pro League first day recap
#Pro League

It was Brazil's turn to kick off Season 7 of LATAM Pro League last Wednesday. Two games were scheduled as Black Dragons faced Red Canids and Team oNe faced Bo...

Recap of the first day of NA Pro League
#Pro League

After a rather quiet end to 2017 and the Six Invitational in early 2018, the Pro League is finally back!The first games were played on Monday evening in North...

GBots is back !

It had been a while since we had seen them: Y2S2 to be exact and with a defeat by beGeniusESC 2-0 in relegation. Since then the spanish scene has greatly evo...

ENCE eSports: "We need to be able to beat all the teams"
#6 Invitational

The Six Invitational kicks off tomorrow and it is now time to see what the latest Pro League winners, ENCE eSports, have to say. The finnish team is yet to have...

ERa Eternity: "The end result is to win"
#6 Invitational

The Six Invitational is almost here and we are almost done with our interviews. It is now time to look at our last North American team, eRa Eternity. They were...

YeaH! Gaming: "[Teams] have more material to study our team"
#6 Invitational

Let's now have a look at YeaH! Gaming. Brazilians recently joined this new organization led by well-known figures in Brazil and worldwide on Counter-Strike. The...

Rogue: "We are here to win the whole thing"
#6 Invitational

It is now time to turn towards the finalists of the previous Six Invitational, Rogue. They were playing under the name eRa Eternity when they fell short against...

EiNs : "I believe we can win [against FaZe]"
#6 Invitational

It is now time to have a look at the other team representing the APAC region, eiNs. The japanese formation was quite impressive during last season's APAC Pro Le...

Counter Logic Gaming: "Winning is all that matters"
#6 Invitational

It is time to pay attention to the brand new Counter Logic Gaming, the other defending champions of this Six Invitational. Already winners of the last Six Invit...

Mindfreak: "We definitely hope to raise the bar"
#6 Invitational

Let us now have a look at one of the two APAC competitors, Australian team Mindfreak. While they already participated last year on Xbox One, their roster has ch...

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